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Effective exhibition design enables museums to communicate with their publics. This examines the exhibition design development process, with a special focus on the exhibition design, exhibition designers and museum design elements which must be considered in the creation of an exhibition design.


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London based exhibition design company; we endeavor to take the mystery out of exhibition design and the exhibition design development process.
This role of interpretation in exhibition design, the setting of exhibition design goals and the exhibition design evaluation strategies.

For exhibition design to be explained it will need to cover, creativity and artifacts in exhibition design plus the roles of the artifacts in exhibition design.

exhibition design

exhibition design disciplines: Concept design, Feasibility studies, Exhibition design, Graphic design, Lighting design, Museum design exhibition design consultancy that specializes in these design disciplines: Concept design, Exhibition design, Graphic design, Lighting design exhibition design studios

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Childrens Exhibition Design

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As Exhibition Designers we must be aware of many criteria including; communicating with the visitor, roles of the objects, conservation considerations, visitor flow, lighting design, colour, storylines, project planning and management, temporary or traveling exhibits, showcase design showcase arrangements, production scheduling, installation, and maintenance, health & safety to name only 17.

Our design studios have evolved so we can offer under this broad exhibition design title services which embrace all of these and more:

Feasibility and concept development
Corporate design strategy
Visitor flow
Interpretation and script writing
3D design
Branding and marketing strategy

Graphic Design
Corporate Design
exhibition design
Mipim Property Exhibition - Cannes
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Electrosonic attraction

Graphic design
Object mounting & installation
Lighting design
Project management

Together these allow Simon Morris Associates to undertake any element of a project or a commission from the design concept stage, through supervision of manufacture, and on to completion.You can rest assure, what ever the size of project or budget we will always give the project the same “attention to detail”.

So if you are considering whether we can be of assistance then please use our contacts page or give our team a call. We will try to give you good advice on how to move your project in the right direction!

"the difference is in the detail"

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exhibition design consultancy: Exhibition design, Graphic design, Lighting design, Museum design design disciplines, Exhibition design, Graphic design, Lighting design, Museum design.